Cordedge Trimmings – Manufacturers & Suppliers | Universal Trimmings


Trimming and trim supplies for clothing manufacturers to produce clothes and home furnishings, Universal Trimmings is Complete Trimmings Provider. We are happy to customize any order, and make the process as seamless as possible. Ever think about how to get spotless lines in fabric upholstery and other home stylistic theme items like slipcovers and pillows? Cordedge trimmings permit you to include delightful embellishments while accomplishing an expert finish. A right service provider offers unique styles of cordedge, and every style, similar to our favor rayon wind on tape, arrives in an assortment of dynamic tones and colors entwining to create lovely ropes. The kind of cordedge isn’t restricted to simply fabric; our styles include: cowhide lines, beaded tubular edging, velvet funneling, and even chenille and mohair.


The majority of our cordedge styles come appended to fabric tape for simple application. If you are looking for Cordedge trimmings service, then there are many options available. One of the leading names known for its quality and affordable services is the Universal Trimmings. Using state of art cleaning and trimming tools, they have earned a reputation and name in the trimming industry. Call us :  201-788-6921

More Information Visit Us :  Trimmings New York


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