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Metallic look always gives a classy impression. When it comes on a fabric, it certainly enhances its beauty. Metallic Trimmings are one of those classy embellishments that give your fabric a sound impression. Metallic embellishments are making into wardrobes. The metallic nearness is not simply in embellishments and adornments but rather it is creating an impression in fabrics for fall. From studs to metallic grommets and zippers, there are wide ranges of ways metallic embellishments can be fused into an assortment of packaging things. These can include some additional eye-getting points of interest to your packs, boxes and pockets this season. Metal, copper and rose gold are stylish metallic completes that can make your bundling shimmer.


Metallic can be included with hot stamping and printing or by including grommets, studs, sparkle, clasps and zippers. Universal Trimmings are the leading manufacturers or suppliers of trimmings, braids, and fringes. Whether you are looking for small quantity of fringes or bulk metallic trimmings, they are the ultimate destination.

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