Trimmings New York – Braids, Cords, Fringes, Tassels, and Passementeries


Trimmings are one of the most beautiful embellishments that can enhance the look of any fabric. Today, there are many trimming manufacturers that not only made these embellishments, but also supply them. If you’re looking for those service providers then the easy way to find them is online. The web offers a wide assortment of manufacturers and suppliers who can showcase their designs and patterns of trimmings for you!


It allows you an opportunity to choose the right trimmings for you and then settle on the best choice. As everything is accessible online, you may get opportunities to explore the different designs of trimmings available. Moreover, the customer reviews are another crucial help. This helps you to know the quality they are manufacturing and supplying to their customers and how happy the customers are with their quality product. Although, there are many manufacturers and suppliers you may come across, but one of the reliable and trustworthy names is ‘Universal Trimmings.’

Call us : 201-788-6921

We are happy to customize any order, visit us : Fabric and Trim Stores


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